Why I am a Seagan

                The word ‘Seagan’ has not been officially added to the Oxford or Webster dictionaries yet, but Wikipedia defines ‘Seagan’ as: “Being or relating to a plant-based pescetarian diet in which some seafood (in essence, finned fish and shellfish) is incorporated into an otherwise vegan diet.” When I first heard about this word, I had been wondering for weeks if a such word existed for the type of diet that I had been loosely following. Apparently, the word ‘Seagan’ was created in 2016 by authors Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey for their book, Seagan Eating: The Lure of a Healthy, Sustainable Seafood + Vegan Diet. Although I have not yet read the book, I am glad that I now have a word that I can put on the style of eating that I practice. Before I just told people that I do not eat meat or dairy products.

This conversation usually went like:

“So you are a Vegan?”

To which I would reply, “No, I still eat fish.”

 “So you are a pescatarian?”

Of course, I would have to answer, “No I don’t eat eggs.”

 “Oh, do pescatarians eat eggs?”

I would usually fumble out, “I think most of them do.”

What Caused Me to Even Consider My Diet in the First Place?

                About two years ago, I watched the documentary What the Health? and my view on meat and dairy products was instantly changed. I know people can be gullible and believing anything you hear can be dangerous, but the research is there, and the documentary was factual. In the past, I did little thirty-day challenges, and a week here and there where I would cut out animal products, just to test my willpower. I studied biology at university and as a result, I have respect for nature generally. However, the documentary brought up so many more concerns for me to take plant-based eating more seriously. There were three main reasons besides just general respect for nature that finally convinced me to just do plant-based for good.


                First and foremost, I have a powerful disdain for American Capitalism and the complete dictatorship that corporate America has over the U.S. When I learned about the meat and dairy industries’ sponsorship for Big Pharma from the documentary, I was for lack of better word: PISSED. Not having the power to change something that brings you to anger can be one of the worst feelings to experience. I (like most Americans, probably) have lost loved ones to heart disease and cancer. I believe hiding the effects that meat and dairy have on people is criminal. If I can save myself from the harmful effects and give Capitalism a big middle finger, then that’s what I am going to do. If I can keep my little bit of money from going up the ladder to those criminals, then I will. Even one person learning of the criminality of the meat industry, and considering also cutting out meat, makes it worth it to have to endure most of the people I tell why I do not eat meat rolling their eyes.


                It has been proven in the scientific community that that the meat industry contributes a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. How the government allows this fatal oversight to take place does not elude me. The bottom line is usually that politicians like money and the meat industry has loads of it. Whatever way we chose to look at it, the meat industry is quickly bringing on a major climate crisis. It is enough to make anyone question just if it is even possible to turn a blind eye, if there is placed to turn left.

                I have mentioned my anti-natalist tendencies here before; why bring children into a world that is crumbling? However, the truth is that I still want to create something in this life that supersedes all the bad. I am aware that having children is a shitty way to cope with the absurdity of life. But I still believe there can be an altruistic power in being a parent. If I have a chance of raising children who can change the world for the better, then I am going to try. And I want there to be a planet here for them to try as well when the time comes.


                As I mentioned before, the science behind just how consuming meat and dairy affects the body is out there. You can go to just about any university or health journal and read all about the studies done on the effects of consuming meat. All of them will carry a negative connotation. They all underline the same facts and findings: red meat clogs the arteries and vessels with cholesterol. This causes heart disease. Dairy causes severe hormonal changes that in turn cause stress on the organs. Denying the facts if the science proves these things are true is not logical and makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Why I Decided on a Seagan Diet instead of a Vegan Diet

                At the end of the day, a person can become confused pretty quickly when trying to decipher what exactly they can eat on a plant-based diet and still get the proper nutrition. I went from January 1, 2022 until March 1, 2022 having not consumed any animal products at all. While it is true for me, it might not be true for others: however, I had an overwhelming sense of physical weakness. Before you ask, I did take a daily supplement for all the essential nutrients I need. Because of this, I did more research and ultimately, I decided to put fish products back into my diet. The fishing industry does not contribute anywhere near the amount of greenhouse gas that the meat and dairy industries do, and many fisheries are sustainable. Yes, I am aware that fish are still living animals; but I can cope with consuming fish occasionally in order to provide my body with essential Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

                That being said, I hope that what I have written here will help just one person to consider a Seagan diet, or at the least inspire them to read up on it. Life is worth having convictions, and this is one of mine. If anything matters to me it is try to be a better person, and it is caring.

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