Why I am a Seagan

                The word ‘Seagan’ has not been officially added to the Oxford or Webster dictionaries yet, but Wikipedia defines ‘Seagan’ as: “Being or relating to a plant-based pescetarian diet in which some seafood (in essence, finned fish and shellfish) is incorporated into an otherwise vegan diet.” When I first heard about this word, I had […]

Forced to Choose a Path

                Every time I think of a fork in the road, I think of the Robert Frost poem “The Road not Taken”. We did an analysis of this poem in English class in university, and it has stuck with me ever since. At the time, I thought Frost did just an amazing job of romanticizing […]

Einschlägiges Gedicht aus der Vergangenheit

Der Krieg wird nicht mehr erklärt,sondern fortgesetzt. Das Unerhörteist alltäglich geworden. Der Heldbleibt den Kämpfen fern. Der Schwacheist in die Feuerzonen gerückt.Die Uniform des Tages ist die Geduld,die Auszeichnung der armselige Sternder Hoffnung über dem Herzen. Er wird verliehen,wenn nichts mehr geschieht,wenn das Trommelfeuer verstummt,wenn der Feind unsichtbar geworden istund der Schatten ewiger Rüstungden Himmel […]

Tuna Salad and a Coke

Last night I had a dream I drove by my old childhood house in a white 1966 Shelby GT350 and picked my mother up for lunch. We drove to a decrepit little mom-and-pop diner in my hometown and went inside together. She had been telling me a conversation she had with my aunt about the […]